Benjamin Finger – Motion Reverse

Review: Benjamin Finger – Motion Reverse

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Benjamin Finger – Motion ReverseBenjamin Finger
Motion Reverse

Shimmering Moods Records
Street: 06.26
Benjamin Finger = Sangam + Fighterpilot

Benjamin Finger digs deep into the darkness of industrial experimentation in his latest creation Motion Reverse. Using much more electronic instrumentation than in his April release, this album has a repetitive vibe. In fact, the first half of the album sounds like different takes from the same song with Finger trying to trick the listener into believing otherwise. So I wish there was a titch more variety in his latest barrage of soundscapes. The second half of the album contains a more diverse lineup of samples and rhythms and feels more balanced overall. “Bright Exit” has a simple beat that adds depth and character to a minimalistic release. I hope Finger continues progressing in this manner with his releases. It shows a maturity not all musicians posses. –Kamryn Feigel