Big Freedia

Just Be Free

Queen Diva Music

Street: 06.17

Big Freedia = Diplo +
Lil Wayne

Move over, Miley—the Queen is back. The Queen of Bounce, that is. Big Freedia’s music is hailed as the crossover to mainstream success of New Orleans bounce, and though I’m no source of knowledge on bounce or twerking, I’ll only say that Just Be Free delivers on such expectations. With tracks like “Lift Dat Leg Up,” “Y’Tootsay” and “Mo Azz,” that’s what we’ve got here—enough wiggle anthems to keep your booty bouncin’ all summer long. If you’re planning to twerk-out this season, remember this simple checklist: stretch your glutes, hydrate, check your privilege and, most importantly, just be free! –Christian Schultz