Big Sexy Noise
Collision Course & Trust the Witch
Cherry Red
Street: 09.23.13
Big Sexy Noise = Teenage Jesus & The Jerks + Black Sabbath
First off, I have to get something out of the way: I really dislike the name Big Sexy Noise. That being said, their noise is most definitely big and sexy. Ultra fuzzed-out guitars, combined with weird-ass background effects fill up most, if not all of the space behind the lyrics. Lydia Lunch, an impressive vocalist, usually sounds incredibly creepy and will probably haunt my dreams for the remainder of my life. Check out “Ballin’ the Jack” for the highest dose of eeriness. She’s a witchy, in-your-face, strong woman, and all I can say to that is, “fuck yeah!” The lyrics deal with anything from drugs to sex to dark creatures in society and it all comes off like a challenge. Slow progressing blues veritably exude sex (try out “Trust the Witch”). This could be good in many situations. Included in this set is a CD of live recordings from Italy. Most of the songs overlap from Trust the Witch. The instruments sound very similar and that is generally a good sign when it comes to live recordings. Lydia sings a lot more forcefully live, coming off as a different kind of power, but still just as terrifying. –LeAundra Jeffs