Revolution Girl Style Now

Review: Bikini Kill – Revolution Girl Style Now

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Revolution Girl Style Now

Bikini Kill
Revolution Girl Style Now

Bikini Kill Records
Street: 09.22.15
Bikini Kill = Babes in Toyland + Sleater-Kinney

The work of Bikini Kill, and the raw power evident in this demo particularly are still shocking to hear even years after its initial release. Combining the childish topics of girlhood with loud and pissed-off attitude, they set the stage for other women to relate and create. Their influence can be heard acutely in acts like the young wonders of Skating Polly. Both prove that, over time, no garage-y rock sounds quite like what the Riot Grrrl types can churn out. Gravelly distortion and the monstrous baby voice of Kathleen Hanna ensnare the brain like nothing else does. Trying to have a conversation while listening to “Daddy’s L’il Girl” the other night, I found myself training off, completely stuck on its sound of pounding contempt. This demo is just crazy rad, and now’s the time to acquaint yourself with Bikini Kill, if you haven’t already. –Erin Moore