Birds In Row – Personal War

Review: Birds in Row – Personal War

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Birds In Row – Personal War

Birds in Row
Personal War

Street: 10.30
Birds in Row = Oathbreaker + Loma Prieta + The Blood Brothers

In entertainment, personality is everything. Just think of your favorite bands, and there’s a good chance you know who their lead singers are. French hardcore band Birds In Row are the first band I’ve seen who successfully buck this trend by obscuring their faces in band photos and going by single-letter monikers. They may not be the first band to try to hide behind their music, but they are most successful that I’ve seen, and none of this would matter if they weren’t so damn good. These three dudes make a lot of great noise. This EP adds to a solid back catalog and is also one of the best hardcore releases to come out this year. Every single track on this EP is a total scorcher, and the only thing I can find wrong with it is that it’s not nearly long enough. –Alex Gilvarry