Bitter Peace/Esoterica/Krieg/The Many 
New World Black Metal Split 7” 
Plastik Musik 
Street: 12.21.12 
New World Black Metal = Bitter Peace + Esoterica + Krieg + The Many 
East Coast black metal represent! New World Black Metal is a four-way split from bands populating the upper portion of the East Coast. With the exception of Krieg, the other bands are all relatively new. Esoterica is the only band, however, who hasn’t released a full-length record yet. There’s a plentiful mix of distinctly US black metal with this seven-inch that rounds out in entire playing time of just over 12 minutes. Each contribution remains unique to the release and the band representing themselves, as should any split. Bitter Peace deliver a nice, gritty tone on the longest song, though it seemingly flies by compared to Krieg’s down-tempo melancholy and restrained angst. The Many round up the release in a highly subdued and dark offering, with cleaner tones and clean vocals. Add another bonus—that seven-inch releases never break the bank—and you have some waxy bleak form of satisfaction here. –Bryer Wharton