Review: Blackheart Honeymoon – Mountains Speak

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Blackheart Honeymoon – Mountains Speak

Blackheart Honeymoon
Mountains Speak

Kill Room Studios
Street: 08.07
Blackheart Honeymoon = Fleet Foxes + Wilco

Seattle quintet Blackheart Honeymoon consist of Ian Prebo (vocals/acoustic guitar), Wesley Amundsen (Bass), Steve Andrea (guitar), Adrienne Marie Pollock (vocals/keys) and Dusty Hayes (vocals/drums). Mountains Speak is definitely clean cut. Each band member is prevalent in the music without overcrowding the hooks or riffs. The band is somewhat categorized as alternative-country, but Mountains Speak tailors to different elements of music without sounding indecisive—from jazzy to grunge, americana to country, the album comes together cohesively and full circle with lyrics that testify to life, struggle and triumph. –Lizz Corrigan