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Review: BL’AST! – BLOOD!

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Southern Lord Records

Street: 09.03

BL’AST! = Henry Rollins–era Black Flag + Corrosion of Conformity

Dave Grohl. Is there anything he can’t do? He’s a well-known singer/songwriter, has “former Nirvana drummer” on his résumé, and now he’s resurrected the ’80s hardcore band BL’AST! by mixing a collection of unearthed tracks in their newly released album. This band’s music sounds strongly inspired by the music of Black Flag—singer Clifford Dinsmore’s voice is strikingly similar to that of Henry Rollins and the guitar riffs are nearly identical to the playing style of the great Greg Ginn.

Their SoCal sound is radiated most through tracks like “Only Time Will Tell” and “Your Eyes,” but songs like “Poison” and “Look Into Myself” are faster, heavier, and more thrash oriented. It’s awesome that these guys have been rediscovered and that, as of now, Nick Oliveri of Queens of the Stone Age is making music with them. I look forward to hearing their next musical expedition. –Eric U. Norris