Blood and Sun
White Storms Fall
Pesanta Urfolk
Street: 11.11.13
Blood and Sun = Death In June + Sol Invictus

White Storms Fall is a neofolk gem that presents itself without any of the political baggage of the movement’s controversial pioneers Douglas P. and Boyd Rice. That’s not to say that Blood and Sun isn’t diverging from the genre’s aesthetics—these tracks arouse that sweeping gothic feeling of neofolk; their titles evoke pagan paeans. Over the 13 tracks on the album, singer and songwriter Luke Tromiczak croons like a solemn Peter Murphy, while violins and cellos swirl around his moody baritone. Recorded in Minnesota, then mixed and mastered by “Denver Sound” producer Robert Furbrache at Absinthe Studios in suburban Denver, the album is well made, though a bit monotonous at times. Light your candles, draw the required sigils and journey through veil and storm with Blood and Sun. –Christian Schultz