Blue Skies For Black Hearts
Street: 07.15
Blue Skies For Black Hearts = Teenage Fanclub + Big Star

These old dogs are on their sixth album, and with it they’re presenting a nearly perfected sound. If it’s technically Americana, it has to be the rawest form of Americana I’ve ever heard. Throughout the nine songs, they use the organ masterfully with a faint reverb that sounds like it would be at home in the vaults of Stax Records. Reverb is also masterfully used on the lead guitar riffs of “Nothing Came In The Mail.” The effect adds a psychedelic feel to a rather non-psychedelic song that revolves around the bittersweet feeling of letting go of the one that keeps hurting you. This number slides perfectly into the sweet, down-tempo jazz beat and soulful melody of “Love Scenes.” This band appears to be one for your parents to enjoy, but after listening to their album, it’s obvious they can reach anyone with an ear for melody and soul. –Justin Gallegos