Street: 06.09
Boan = Book Of Love + ADULT.

I really enjoyed this album on first listen. Boan have captured a way to make electronica seem new but retro. They have a full, dynamic sound, and found a way to warm up the coldness often associated with synth music. The first track, “Babylon,” is an ode to the scarlet woman and her sacred relationship with the number seven. Track 2, “Freaksnake,” reminds me of Soft Cell’s “Baby Doll” and is a stomping track. Some of the songs are sung in Spanish, which keeps things sounding fresh. The most disappointing thing to me is that there are only five tracks and that Mentiras is really a mini-album. On the upside, it’s available on limited clear or black vinyl and limited cassette. Recommended! 
–Mort Kilgore