Bobby Bare Jr. 


Bloodshot Records

Street: 04.15

Bobby Bare Jr. = My
Morning Jacket + Big Star

Bobby Bare Jr. has some years under his belt, performing and creating post-punk, indie-rock music. Undefeated will be his first series of new songs since 2010 and one on which Bare Jr. showcases his ability to be musically diverse. Overall, Undefeated highlights his ties to Nashville with a twang—including a piano and brass section—while still keeping it post-punk. Some tracks have an incredible emphasis on the electric guitar in songs like the title track, while still maintaining a semi-psychedelic background sound. As far as lyrics go, Bare Jr. finds his inspiration in Shel Silverstein—he pushes the boundaries but upholds a humorous mood that’s easy to like. –Lizz Corrigan