Stench of Exist 
The Flenser
Street: 02.03
Boduf = Jessica Bailiff x Benoît Piolard + Orcas 
Despite its repugnant metal name, Stench of Exist is surprisingly mellow, intimate and, dare I say, listenable? Released on experimental label The Flenser, and with song titles such as “The Rotted Names” and “The Witch Cradle,” I expected something loud, rambunctious and the exact opposite of my normal musical tastes. However, I’m OK with pointing out my closed-mindedness in assuming this was something I was given by mistake. This album is dark and mysterious, but unpretentious; simple, but generously layered with densely drugged electronics, whispered vocals and sounds from the cityscape. The resulting product is a hazy, exploratory record that is as enigmatic as it is honest. Needless to say, kids, don’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case by its track list—you may miss out on something truly beautiful. –Allison Shephard