Bolt Thrower
War Master (reissue)
Earache / Century Media
Street: 01.21
Bolt Thrower = Morbid Angel / Obituary

Bolt Thrower’s third studio release sounds crisp, clear and freshly brutalizing in this Century Media/Earache double-vinyl repressing. This version of War Master appears on white wax with pinkish-red rays of color reminiscent of being sprayed with Gwar blood—the perfect simulation of bloodshed for this warmongering beast of a record. The riffs of “What Dwells Within” fire like machine guns and crush airwaves—just the way death metal should be heard. Side Four of this limited-edition release features a fitting etching of a horned skull n’ crossbones. Bolt Thrower fans will be lucky to have/find this this! –Honk Carnie