Bone Sickness
Alone in the Grave
20 Buck Spin
Street: 04.30
Bone Sickness = Autopsy + Repulsion + Napalm Death
Continuing to farm out all the best metal bands from the Northwest, 20 Buck Spin lets the voices of Olympia, Wash. flow from the fine mountain water brimming in the city’s creeks. Bring an extra pair of pants to this listening party, folks—you’re gonna need something to wrap your balls in after this debut album from Bone Sickness hits like a slamming scissor kick to the nuts. My crystal ball says Bone Sickness are going to be big. Their death/grind is decisively classic-sounding without being retro. The recording quality makes it sound like these nice fellows are playing a show in your living room. This is the ghost of the long-aborted fetus of Autopsy and Repulsion’s lovechild. If the gooey musical ooze of all this isn’t quite enough, the cover art belongs in a damn museum.