Sons of Sleaze
Planet Metal
Street: 11.18.13
Bones = Napalm Death + Unholy Terror + Discharge
Mom left the burnt crust on the toast for this Chicago trio of noisemakers. Sons of Sleaze is an appropriate title for this romper stomper of a record. It’s funny how it sounds sloppy as hell but it all congeals into a mess of a crusty death metal record. Its speed is built up on punk and hardcore anthems of old but has the grit of an OSDM record. There are some fierce tracks here that feel fueled by true hate and disagreement with the ways of the modern world like so many crust bands do. Album opener “Poisoned Breed,” is a great example. The second half of the album’s steam seems a bit more geared towards fun. It’s still crusty as shit, but sounds more tongue and cheek with “Mindfucked,” even though there is one gnarly ass blast in the track. Sons of Sleaze is a perfect record to break some bones with—for whatever fun you may be having. –Bryer Wharton