Bonfire Beach
Cleopatra Records
Street: 10.14.14
Bonfire Beach = Black Rebel Motorcycle Club + Haunted Hearts

What do you suppose a gal named Dexy Valentine would be like? Would she be a bleach-blonde babe on an all black motorcycle? Or, would she be a dark-haired, black lipstick-wearing vixen in a rusty El Camino? Valentine is the frontwoman of Bonfire Beach, and she’s carrying vibes of a tough L.A. all throughout her new project. Her main band is Magic Wands, but BB seems to be the outlet for her rebellious side. I can’t tell you what she looks like, but her music is cool, and must be inspired by the mystery and intrigue of nighttime. “Dreams In The Shadows” tells about the darker side of Hollywood with a rumbling bass guitar and reverb laden lead guitar that screams beware to outsiders. Each song is a little dreamy thanks to Valentine’s faint vocals and synthesizers, but the threat of a nightmare is around every corner. –Justin Gallegos