Boozoo Bajou


Apollo Records

Street: 03.31

Boozoo Bajou = Oneohtrix Point Never / Yanni

If I were going to choose a type of music to play, I wouldn’t choose ambient jazz. First of all, either one of these genres is plenty difficult to master on its own. Second, the people who do this well are bona fide geniuses­—Brian Eno, Miles Davis—the type of musicians with discographies so un-fuck-with-able that, well, you might be well-advised not to try to improve upon them unless you’re also a genius. Enter Boozoo Bajou, a couple of fellows from Germany with a band name so bad, they ought to be dick punched. Their music is pretty, I suppose, and I’ll admit it does create “a mood.” The problem is that the mood is a bit—zzz …
–Dan Vesper