While a Nation Sleeps
Bridge 9 Records
Street: 06.11
Boysetsfire = Strife + Thursday + Make Do And Mend
In an alternate universe, BoySetsFire would enjoy the popularity that the endless stream of emocore (or scene, or whatever they’re called these days) bands receive. Wouldn’t it be great if one of the biggest bands of the day was espousing ideas of rebellion, secularism and sincere emotion? After a seven-year hiatus, BoySetsFire are back with While a Nation Sleeps, with a sound plucked straight out of the early ‘00s that fits easily within their earlier catalog. I’ve always preferred the heavier elements of BoySetsFire’s sound to the softer melodic side. However, on While a Nation Sleeps, the melodic elements aren’t cringe-inducing the way they used to be, finding a new force behind the vocals. It’s also refreshing to hear a band with proficiency in song structure. With contemporary bands stripping their sound down, it’s a welcome change to hear a band crafting songs with an arc. –Peter Fryer