Papercup Music

Street: 05.13

BOYTOY = Las Kellies + Blake Babies + Fuzzy

BOYTOY drops this fuzzed-out, pop- alt rock into the laps of the dazed populace. This album plays through slowly and drawn out. The opening track, “Helluva Party,” is heavy and full of distortion. In contrast, the next number, “Shallow Town,” is fast and energetic—truly the most engaging tune here.

Then, it’s back to mellow with a heavy drop-in of guitar riffs on “Future Ghost.” The album is very much a back-and-forth between relaxed and occasional upbeat tunes. While there are only seven tracks on this album, by the time I got to “Blazed,” I realized my mind was elsewhere and I needed to rewind to see what I’d missed.

It’s not the most engaging album out there. Warning: Without the right substance, listening may encourage a wandering mind. –Nick Kuzmack