Breathe Owl Breathe
Passage of Pegasus
Street: 10.15
Breathe Owl Breathe = Destroyer + David Bowie
“Conversations with vultures are always one sided,” Micah Middaugh sighs in “Hologram,” a deep-throated tone poem reminiscent of Dan Bejar’s solo work as Destroyer, not the only song to employ ambiguous symbolism. Passage of Pegasus is a collection of mostly dark folk songs, though there are some interesting surprises, like the electro-pop standout “Explorer.” The baritone vocals are comparable to Bill Callahan or Stephen Merritt in his prime, though the lyricism lacks the punch of either of those acts. The album ends with “Two Moths,” a Scott Walker-like ballad that is not only the best song on the album, but also one of my favorites this year. –Taylor Hale