Brian Jonestown Massacre
A Records
Street: 05.20
Brian Jonestown Massacre = The Beatles “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band” + Sonic Youth

After close to 30 years of playing together, BJM has become ubiquitous with psych rock– although they’ve never been afraid to dabble in other genres, such as punk, shoegaze, folk and blues. Revelation is their 14th album and though they’ve had a bit of a revolving cast over the years, Anton Alfred Newcombe remains the frontman and writes, records or plays most of the music. Staying more true to form and less experimental as a whole, the first track, “Vad Hande Me Dem” is a power intro, with quick drums and a horn riff that leads into fuzzy vocals. “Days, Weeks and Moths,” is seasoned psych rock, with extensive pieces of far-out electric guitar and reverb. Revelation could be received as a work of self-indulgent jams, but its seniority and classic elements make it worthwhile. –Kia McGinnis