Epitaph Records

Street: 04.02

Bring Me The Horizon = Blessthefall + My Ticket Home

Continuing the theme of yelling at faith, established in their last album, Sempiternal doesn’t overly change the formula—and that’s not a bad thing. While I don’t think anything here quite compares to the perfect desperation of past songs like “Don’t Go” or “Suicide Season” (although my favorite on this album, “And The Snakes Start To Sing,” gets close), this is a fantastic album.

Even the song with the most cringe-worthy title, “Go to Hell, For Heaven’s Sake,” doesn’t manage to ruin the rest of a great song by repeating it in every chorus. Fans are going to have to decide for themselves whether the most polarizing change, a new vocal style including occasional clean singing by the excellent Oliver Sykes, is irritating or brilliant. Personally, I love it, and I think it adds a dynamic quality to songs like “Seen It All Before” and “Hospital For Souls” that’s more than worth the change.