Broken Bells

After The Disco

Columbia Records

Street: 01.14

Broken Bells = Portugal. The Man / Electric Guest

The Shins vocalist James Mercer and producer Danger Mouse are back with their second offering as Broken Bells. From The Grey Album to his work with The Black Keys, it’s clear that Danger Mouse has an affinity for the blues and moody sounds. As a whole, there’s nothing too different on this album from their debut, and it’s the bluesy tracks, like “Leave It Alone,” that feel the most powerful. Everything else sounds quite clean, but also feels lackluster. Even the few “casual” dance numbers, like the title track, aim more to provoke thought and emotion than body movement. While each song shows Danger Mouse’s potential as a talented experimental producer, nothing screams greatness about the duo. It all becomes a little boring after a while and, though it’s a nice listen, it’s nothing that I’m inclined to hear again. –Justin Gallegos