Burnt Ones
You’ll Never Walk Alone
Burger Records
Street: 05.14
Burnt Ones = Ty Segall + Crocodiles
I pioneered a new rating system to evaluate this record: I drew plus signs next to songs I really liked, minus signs next to songs I disliked, and nothing next to songs that made me feel nothing. Despite sounding uncannily similar to their psych rock peers, the sexy, grimy reverb spiral of “Vision Forever” gets a plus sign, as does the mighty bubblegum fuzz of “Fountain of Youth” and “I Care – I Don’t Care.” The time-changing brain burner “Cloak” gets a plus sign, too. The only minus is “Hologram Dropouts”—the synchronized bass, guitar and vocal melody is dorky and annoying. The closer, “Move On,” sounds exactly (theoretically) like Ty Segall playing “Goodbye Bread”—the Hawaiian slide guitar, cool vocal reverb and gentle strumming make a sweet lullaby, and a final plus sign. That’s five pluses, five neutrals and one minus—burn one and give You’ll Never Walk Alone a few spins. –Cody Kirkland