Catholic Girls
Distant 7” E.P.
Crown and Throne Ltd.
Street: 02.07.14
Catholic Girls = Scum + Black Flag + Sonic Youth (early ’90s) 

Distant is a complete whirlwind of insanity that will satisfy anyone with an adventurous appetite for all things which are filled with chaos and rage. Denver-based Catholic Girls and their E.P. Distant take the extreme, and sometimes blackened-metal elements of Scum and add a hardcore element to the songwriting you could find in early Black Flag albums. On the tracks "Sorry City," and "1996," the songs pick up a slowed tempo reliant on dissonance and odd chord pro-gressions that has the flavor of Dirty-era Sonic Youth. The album certainly ends on a high note with the track "Piston." A song that is able to combine all the aforementioned elements into one ball that definitely leaves the album lingering with you for a while after listening to it. To be honest, the only complaint I have about the album is its length. I really wish there was more. –R.G.B. Robb