Drag City
Street: 10.15.13
CAVE = The Cosmic Dead + Os Mutantes + Super Sessions
Hot damn! These are some JAMZ! CAVE possesses this untaught intuition of when to let the groove ride into infinity through sweaty, krauty bass lines and rhythmic staccato guitar riffs, and when to push the throttle to rattle the windows of God’s mansion as they thunder past on whatever holy chariot of fire they rode in on. CAVE hits all the stops on their interstellar cruise, from bruising motorik groove, to loose-limbed jazz, punchy horn sections, ’70s Latin psychedelia and full-bodied aural guitar assaults. This album could ride forever on one locked groove and still be one of the best records of the year. Instead, we get five straight burners in the key of repetition as ritual; new formalized hedonism built on repeated melody. –Ryan Hall