Chaos Moon

Resurrection Extract

I, Voidhanger

Street: 08.04

Chaos Moon = Esoterica + An Autumn for Crippled Children + Paramnesia

Enter the master of atmosphere, the layer of layers, Alex Poole. The man lays down a massive statement of how black metal is far from a dead genre. Poole is also active in Esoterica and Lithotome and a continuing contributor to Krieg. The third album from Chaos Moon is the sole creation of Poole, and the already established atmospheric black metal artistry jumps up in game in many ways but stays distinctive to the sound he created eight years ago. Reaching an overachievement on Resurrection Extract, there is much to find for any listener willing to engage or let the album lie as a background piece. Poole succeeds at creating the layered intense sounds with an almost light or airy effect. But in that lightness comes density. The transition from the light atmosphere to chaotic yet precise black metal mastery is seamless and makes for an album that doesn’t tire in any setting. –Bryer Wharton