Wichita Recordings
Street: 05.04
Cheatahs = Drop Nineteens + Swervedriver
It seems as though Cheatahs created Murasaki simply to showcase the opening track with the same name—a hypnotic, shoegaze dreamscape complete with Japanese/ English lyrics and a memorable hook in the form of a wailing synthesizer. The rest of the EP follows in a similar fashion, though none of the tracks have the same driving force and dramatic build as “Murasaki.” Murasaki sounds like a water-damaged cassette tape, in a good way, (if that is even possible), giving it a sound reminiscent of Drop Nineteens but much more surreal. There are times where I wish the build ups would lead up to something heavier, but the intricacies of Murasaki are captivating and the EP is thoroughly enjoyable. –Ali Shimkus