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Review: Christos DC – Long Road

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Christos DC

Long Road

Honest Music

Street: 04.22

Christos DC = Black Uhuru + Don Carlos

Long Road offers a soul-filled mix of jazz and downtempo reggae that is pleasant to the ears. Though not an overall exciting listen, this album requires patience. I suggest sitting back with a glass of wine (maybe something stronger), lighting some candles and starting a mellow evening.

Open up with the groovy number “Just Talk to Me” featuring Kenyatta Hill (son of Joseph Hill of Culture). Then, to keep that special evening golden, include “Same Old Sing Along” and the slightly upbeat “Another Day.”

Finally, check out the Greek-influenced reggae number “Vasilikos,” featuring Anastasios Vrenios. After that, you’ll get the point that this album is pretty straightforward and only requires a passive listen. So, pour yourself a stiff one and put your feet up. –Nick Kuzmack