City Society
Street: 04.02
City Society = M83 / Washed Out x Mirror Kisses
Richard Cupolo, the man behind City Society, really reaches some alternative landscapes with his at-times Seal-esque vocals and fusion of rock, pop and dance. As I do with most artists in this genre, I like City Society the most when the rock is left behind and the pop and dance are emphasized. “Whirlwind” is a sweet number where the synths and chimes combine to create a ’90s R&B feel with a bounce. Following “Whirlwind” is “Animal Chemistry,” which has a slightly whiny, circular synth accompanied by claps that make me want to dance. Cupolo’s voice, which feels slightly lifeless at times, is the balance that keeps even his most synthesized songs from sounding overly pop. An airy vocal over ambient rock is no new formula, but City Society does it well enough for those who prefer the sound. –Justin Gallegos