CJ Ramone
Last Chance To Dance
Fat Wreck Chords
Street: 11.25.14
CJ Ramone = Mondo Bizarro–era Ramones + Social Distortion

As the opening track “Understand Me?” starts to play, I think to myself, “This has got a Ramone’s name written all over it!” CJ Ramone is well-known for being the energetic catalyst that brought the Ramones (minus one Dee Dee) back from their creativity-deprived rut that was the ’80s. With a stellar backing band including Adolescents’ guitarists Steve Soto and Dan Root and Social Distortion’s David Hidalgo Jr. on the drums, the sound perpetuated is fragrant of the signature Ramones sound—including high-speed drums; abrasive, distorted guitar riffs; Joey Ramone–inspired vocals; and lyrics that will leave your veins intensely pulsating. “’Til The End” will make you hold your loved ones close, and “Grunt” will scatter your brain waves. With the recent passing of the final original Ramone, this album is proof that their legacy and constant inspiration to music has not shriveled up. –Eric U. Norris