Cold Cave
Oceans with No End
Deathwish Inc
Street: 02.27
Cold Cave = Honey’s Dead-era The Jesus and Mary Chain + Crocodiles-era Echo and the Bunnymen
This album is a two-song platter to showcase Wes Eisold’s electro-talents without a backing band. Both cuts bubble with the same super-stadium aspirations and beeping goth-dance mope n’ wobble that made Cherish the Light Years so damn likable. The title track is a delightfully squishy number, buoyed-up by a combo of synthetic string arrangements and corybantic keyboard glitching, which continues the soaring trajectory of its predecessor “The Great Pan is Dead” while “People are Poison” looks to an ‘80s industrial muck tone (think "Reverence" by JAMC) to slither around a simple piston-pumping drumline. Neither a total departure from their previous offering, nor a carbon clone, Oceans is merely a signal for what’s to come … and in this case it’s the subtle affirmation that, for now, Eisold is still in his prime. –Dylan Chadwick