Color Therapy
Mr. Wolf Is Dead
Street: 03.24
Color Therapy = (The Album Leaf + M83) x Tycho
I loved this album. It’s easily palatable and great as a background soundtrack to your day. It’s a clear and concise album that’s brimming with mellow ambiance. There’s a lot of talent packed into this album. The Album Leaf, Helios, Ulrich Schnauss and Hammock all lend a hand by bringing a vibrant maturity to the tracks. “Screw Eyes” is filled with melodic loops that carry a wave of energy into the rest of the album. Not surprisingly, I did find the instrumentation ex-tremely relaxing and soothing. The analog synthetic sound is warm and cinematic with big builds (like the one found in “Yachats”) that seem to float off into a digital sky and gently release you back to earth again (“The Universe Is All Around Us” basically tucked me into bed). Grab a copy. Your spring fever will thank you for it. –Kamryn Feigel