Coloured Clocks
Street: 01.27
Coloured Clocks = Tame Impala / Beach House
Coloured Clocks’ minimalist formula for psychedelia reflects Spacemen 3, as well as the space rock of Pink Floyd by offering the mellow kind of psych or “dream-drone” that closes out a long summer day or welcomes in a sunrise when you’ve been up all night with friends. CC’s heavy use of reverb and harmonies whisk me away into a world of nostalgia for movies about the ‘60s like Easy Rider and Dazed and Confused, reminding me to live life freely. Lyrically complex and slightly dark, the album also causes me to reflect on my current point of view on life itself. “Icecream” shines in this way, offering that introspection with no traces of 2013 in its otherworldly nature. “Life is just a hole in my soul and don’t be surprised if you never understand.” Simply put, Nectarine isn’t sad—it’s just full of meaning. –Justin Gallegos