In Technicolor

Kompakt Record Label

Street 04.29

COMA = Daft Punk + Big Gigantic + house music 

It seems to me that the new trend among electronic artists is to include classical instruments in their production. In the opening song “Hoooooray,” COMA uses an accordion as well as other traditional instruments to create a slow and funky sound that gives electronic music a refreshing twist. The third track, titled “Cycle,” is a faster-paced electronic song with synthesized pop beats and a repetitive playback of an electronic snare. I enjoyed that the album didn’t have many tracks on it that had added vocals, as sometimes that takes a perfectly good electronic song from good to overdone, but was happy with the tracks that did. The album shows that this up-and-coming group knows how to make good club music, and I look forward to seeing them gain popularity over time. –Julia Sachs