Como Asesinar
A Felipes
Comenzara de Nuevo
Street: 04.09
Como Asesinar A Felipes = Immortal Technique + UNKLE
Comenzara de Nuevo, or Begin Again, is the mind-blowing US debut of progressive Chilean hybrid Como Asesinar A Felipes. Combining elements of hip hop and jazz with an underlying Latin-American flair, this album is full of complex layers and a strong message of change. The opening track, “Pajaros en Contra,” has a trip hop feel similar to Portishead, with a combination of dark guitar riffs and eerie organ sounds. DJ Sp@-cio’s scratches pay homage to an old-school style like that of Numark from Jurassic 5. MC Koala Contreras’s lyrics, spoken only in Spanish, are spat out powerfully against a backdrop of spaced-out synth, traditional Latin-American drum beats and sweet classical piano sounds in “El Recurso Popular Mas Valido,” translated in English as “The Most Valid Popular Appeal.” It’s a song that speaks of growth and progression, the opening lyric, “Everything is subject to change,” hinting at revolution. The tracks average a lengthy five to six minutes, but never fail to bring new and uplifting sounds to the world of hip hop.