Live Grenade
Street: 05.17
Contortion = Pantera + Mushroomhead

Hailing from Southern Cali, this still-independent band has an impressive history under their belt, opening for some heavy hitters of metal and placing in competitions at both Coachella and Ozzfest, and now they’ve released this 5-song EP for their hungry fans. The group combines a lot of sounds from many different metal and hardcore sub-genres, making it difficult to define them. While the change-up can sometimes keep the music interesting, other times it feels as though the band is trying on too many hats without committing to anything but double bass and the vocalist’s harsh Anselmo-like singing (which should stay harsh—the foray into emotional singing at the end of “Idiot Box” is not flattering). Some moments remind me of Manson, some of old school thrash, some of failed nu-metal acts whose gimmicks are best left in the grave. It’s not a bad little disc of heavy groove, but I get the feeling these guys aren’t sure who they want to be, so I’m not sure if I like them. –Megan Kennedy