Corrosion of



Candlelight Records

Street: 06.24

Corrosion of Conformity = Life of Agony + Down + Crowbar

This is the Corrosion of Conformity I grew up on—equal parts jam and technicality, and catchy as hell. Some of the guitar tones from albums like Blind, Deliverance and even a little bit of Wiseblood are present. The album feels much like a return to those records more than to their last. Mike Dean changed up his vocal delivery to be more croon and swoon than aggressive, as it was on the last. With the jam factor stated, let’s not forget there are a bunch of different types of guitar delivery from Woodroe “Woody” Weatherman. Songs like “Trucker,” “Tarquinius Superbus” and “Denmark Vesey” have some great guitar shred victory moments. IX just may very well be the sleeper metal record of the year, considering I didn’t know what was coming until I got my review version. Now my shoes are up a tree outside, and my socks are stuck to the ceiling. –Bryer Wharton