Burger Records

Street: 01.26

Cotillon = Foxygen + Bruce Springsteen + Pixies

Cotillon are certainly motivated with this debut full-length LP. This album is a little hard to track, as it fuses elements of surf, classic, post-punk, shoegaze and even some alternative country. The result is a bit disjointed, however, and the album doesn’t feel very cohesive as a whole. That being said, some of the songs do manage to stand well by themselves. The track “Convenience” will be an easy hit with listeners for its detached, shoegaze guitar tones and indifferent garage-band vocals.

This isn’t an album that’s necessarily easy to listen to as a whole, yet it shows some promise when each song is looked at individually. The outcome is, unfortunately, a little fuzzy and non-cohesive, though certainly ambitious. –Kristyn Porter