Creative Adult
Psychic Mess
Run For Cover
Street: 02.25
Creative Adult = Mayyors + Gray Matter + The Vibrating Antennas
Imagine the sound of an ’80s goth-influenced group that you can’t place between punk and new wave. Now, if you can imagine dropping the needle on their LP, coated with a fine layer of mud, you might imagine something close to Psychic Mess. The grit coating the album, distorting everything from bass to vocals, doesn’t slow the pace or distract from the enticing melodies. Creative Adult experiments in the psychedelic with instrumental song, “Psychic Message.” The track plays with the ambient noise of swelling echoes panning side to side (creating a hellish effect The Damned might envy) that I wish filled more of the album. Without “Psychic Message” skewing my vision, I’d have a hard time thinking of ways to improve Psychic Mess. –Steve Richardson