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Review: Crocodiles – Boys

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crocodiles boys album cover



Zoo Music
Street: 05.12
Crocodiles = The Jesus and the Mary Chain + The Zombies

The first track on this album, “Crybaby Demon,” got me excited enough to listen to this ditty. With simple lyrics aside, it’s a wonderful blend of fuzzy garage with the ambience of some solid psychedelic rock n’ roll. The rest of Boys continues this line of thinking and even adds some punchy kicks for good measure. Notable tunes on this are “Foolin’ Around,” “The Boy Is A Tramp” and “Transylvania.” That said, while Boys is a fun album, I find this is not the most striking thing I’ve come across from such an expansive genre. It’s certainly not bad or even terrible—it’s just that I’ve heard other groups that have something that stands out with a more definitive conviction and are possibly even more interesting. –Nick Kuzmack