Crucifixion Machine
Street: 12.13.13
Crucifixion Machine = Assemblage 23 + Beborn Beton + Kulture Culture
Crawling out of the hole of Central Missouri, David “Synner” Winn has released music I could listen to for hours. His creativity combines darkwave, synthpop and electro-industrial. He uses vocal samples instead of singing, which is one of my favorite styles of music. I feel it allows your mind to wander where it needs to go without imposing a lyrical meaning to the songs. The distorted effects on the vocals of “Sabotage” are soothing to the ears. The synth on the track “Dues ex Machina” flows eloquently and has a surreal beat compiled with a chip tune sound reminiscent of the early ’80s. My favorite on this release is “Electronic Mind Control,” which has a layered, dark EBM style and its post-apocalyptic samples entice you to feel more aggressive as you are listening. This is varied electronica—there really is something for everybody. I enjoy this ON3. –Mistress Nancy