Cryogenic Echelon
Taste of Failure
Static Distortion Records
Street: 10.19.13
Cryogenic Echelon = Apoptygma Berzerk + Die Sektor+ Assemblage 23
Australia spits out another impressive band. This creative duo, that proclaims influence by “The Seven Deadly Sins,” consists of Gerry Hawkins and Lawrie Bayldon. They have compiled a release that is packed full of electro, hardstyle tracks and remixes that will certainly get bodies in motion. It bridges boundaries, and various types of music lovers will find it appealing. I will most certainly be mixing “Fall of the Reptiles (Grendel Remix)” into my set lists at the club—it’s perfect for the transition from synth pop to industrial. The track “Pandora” creates audial bliss with clean, male vocals, profound female backing vocals, samples and a driving synthesized beat. I was surprised to hear the dubstep and drum and bass on “Soulstorm,” as it has quite a commercial sound. If you are a fan of electronic music, this is one you must add to your collection. –Mistress Nancy