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Review: Cuushe – Night Lines EP

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cuushe night lines album coverCuushe
Night Lines EP

Street: 04.07
Cuushe = Supreme Cuts + Populous + oOOoOO

Shaking off the murky, noisy and wandering tangles of earlier works and slipping into a suit of dark, rhythmic clarity, Kyoto-native Cuushe presents her four-track EP Night Lines. She keeps with her trippy, experimental foundations, but the addition of faster beats, influenced by her producer, aus, helps build up a sort of muffled energy that before lay dormant in her sleepy dream pop. Her use of found noises creates a haunting background fizz, which accompanies the entrancing, sickly tempos. “We Can’t Stop” is a perfect example, and it sparkles with drippy Forest Swords vibes. I only feel weird about how short the tracks are in comparison to those on Butterfly Case, but I’m not sure if their brevity is a real detriment or if it’s just me. Overall, this release is super welcome for me as yet another addition to Cuushe’s lovely, fixating works. –Erin Moore