Cy Dune
No Recognize
Family Tree Records
Street: 02.13
Cy Dune = Happy Birthday + Black Lips + Smith Westerns 
No Recognize jumps right into action with heavy but bright guitar (think King Tuff guitar tone) hitting rhythmic chords and hammer-ons that become the backbone of the opening track, “Where the Wild Things.” If I were listening to the vinyl, the second track, “Move the Room,” would be the first song completely masticated by the needle.  It holds the same, high-energy rhythm as “Where the Wild Things,” but the distorted vocals of Seth Olinsky, Cy Dune’s sole member, linger on the final syllable of each line, slowing the song’s feel and creating a seamless transition into the calmer realm of the EP’s mid portion.  The electric folk feel of “No Recognize” and “Resentment,” hold my interest while becoming the perfect breather before kicking the energy back up for the reversed drums and mild screams of the final track, “Yellin’.” –Steve Richardson