D.O.A – Hard Rain Falling

Review: D.O.A – Hard Rain Falling

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D.O.A – Hard Rain Falling

Hard Rain Falling

Sudden Death Records
Street: 06.23
D.O.A = Black Flag + The Meatmen + The Weirdos

Old and new fans alike will dig this. True to their hardcore and punk roots, Vancouver punk legends D.O.A deliver a blitz of simply stunning, no-bullshit numbers for the agitated soul. This album is filled with solid tracks, like the excellent cover of The Slickers’ “Johnny Too Bad,” but the gems in a D.O.A album are their always critical examinations of society and the world at large. Hard Rain Falling comprises lyricism that perfectly directs the listener toward the anger and frustration of an uncertain world. The numbers that demonstrate that sensibility are “The Cops Shot A Kid,” “Pipeline Fever,” “Warmonger” and, of course, the timeless message of the number “Racism Sucks.” –Nick Kuzmack