Damien Dubrovnik
Vegas Fountain
Street: 03.30
Damien Dubrovnik = Wolf Eyes + Whitehouse

Listening back on Damien Dubrovnik’s discography, their earlier recordings seem to be about dense, distorted synthesizers and wall-of-sound nuances. Conversely, Vegas Fountain is more about frequencies and knocks. Some of the sounds are so high-pitched and ear-bleeding that I’m sure only a dog could appreciate the full spectrum of pin-piercing audio. Most of the album sounds like you’re stuck between shortwave radio stations, which tend to be the result of a lot of experimental noise. The song “Interior 1: Upper Lip” sounds a lot like Throbbing Gristle’s Persuasion. But I guess whenever you play the same bass note continuously throughout a song, you’re going to get that effect. Nothing worth trying to sue over, there are only 12 notes to choose from. This album is perfect for that off-season haunted house you have been thinking of creating in your basement cellar. –Mort Kilgore