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Review: David Lynch – The Big Dream

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David Lynch

The Big Dream

Sacred Bones

Street: 07.15

David Lynch = Tom Waits + The Velvet Underground

David Lynch is most well known for his work in television and films, such as the acclaimed cult TV series Twin Peaks, but his late-career foray into music includes similarly bizarre elements. Just like his films, it’s not for everybody. Lynch released his first album, Crazy Clown Time, back in 2011, and his new record, The Big Dream, contains a plethora of moody soundscapes blended eerily well with his own take on the blues. In other words, if Tom Waits made a record with Lou Reed and then polished it up heavily, The Big Dream would be a likely result.

Much like Waits, the 67-year-old Lynch doesn’t so much “sing” as he does ramble and moan, albeit with a more gentle, ethereal approach. The album also features an interesting version of the Bob Dylan classic, “The Ballad of Hollis Brown,” as well as a track featuring Lykke Li called, “I’m Waiting Here for You,” which is only available as a bonus track and is not included on the album itself. Overall, this album surprised the hell out of me, and it seems to get better with each listen. Don’t get me wrong: There is a lot of weird shit, but Lynch, like he’s done so many times before, pulls it off. –Jory Carroll