Deejay Deer
Street: 10.06
Deejay Deer = (Jamie xx + Pearson Sound) / Joy Orbison

True to its name, Natur is a natural and fluid EP with a mysterious background. On this two-track release, Deejay Deer emphasizes everything that is mystical and holy about house music. It’s minimal and almost pastoral, with soft vocals that drift throughout each of the two tracks. Deejay Deer skillfully delivers gentle builds, but ones that leave an impact. The two tracks are not outrageously different from one another, but something really stands out to me in the “Unnatural” mix and marks it as my favorite. Maybe it’s the youthful use of synthesizers, or the killer percussion break or just the effortlessly cool, laid-back vibe. Whatever it is, it’s massive—I’m hooked and I’ve got Natur stuck on repeat. –Kamryn Feigel